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     insects (beetles)
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insects (beetles)
insects (butterflies)
insects (more)
snails & worms
spiders & crustaceans
Important Information
• How to Order
How to Order

naturganznah, your Online source for thousands of professional photos is at your service around-the-clock, 7 days a week, on the internet.

If you'd like to place an order, you can do it If you're searching for a special picture but can't seem to find it, let us know. We'll do our best to get it for you!
Write us at contact@naturganznah.com
• Shipping and Handling
Shipping and Handling costs

How are orders shipped ?

Normally we send the data files by email.
If the customer wishes, we can also send by CD.

Delivery time

Your order is immediately processed after entry, that means the picture files are delivered within a few hours.
Only in exceptional circumstances the delivery period can last up to one work-day.
If the customer wants the data files by CD, the data medium leaves our house not later than one day after we received your order.

Shipping costs

There are no shipping costs in case of delivery by email.
Delivery by CD costs
  • 4,95 EUR (countries of the European Union and Switzerland) or
  • 7,95 EUR (other countries)
Despite careful precautions, it is possible that goods could be damaged during delivery.
Should this occur, we will replace the damaged items free of charge.
In this case send an email with a short damage description at contact@naturganznah.com
• Data Security
Data Security

To ensure that your purchases at naturganznah are secure, we've done everything possible to protect your personal information from unauthorized access.
naturganznah saves the information you provide only for internal purpose. No personal data will be given out to third parties!

About Data Security

Customer data are stored and processed with regard to the relevant provisions of the National Data Protection Laws (BDSG) and the Teleservice Data Protection Laws (TDDSG).
Your personal data is used only for limited, well-defined, and legitimate purposes and is retained no longer than necessary.

You have the right to disclosure as well as to correction, blocking, and deletion of your stored data.
Please contact us by email at contact@naturganznah.com or send your requests to us via mail.

We do not pass on personal information, including your home address and email address, to third parties.
• Login: instructions and benefits
Login: instructions and benefits

Login at our naturganznah-shop is easy. You only have to fill in your personal password during your order.

Instructions, step-by-step
  1. Choose the picture(s) you want and put it/them in the shopping cart (click on "add to shopping cart")
  2. Display the shopping cart (click on the top left on "View cart")
  3. A click on step 2 (shipping, select login and address) opens the input mask, where you can fill in billing- and shipping address.
  4. Complete the fields marked with an asterisk (*) and also the field named "password". Choose one freely and repeat this word one line below.
  5. With a click on "continue to payment" your data are saved and you are logged-in at our shop.
Benefits being logged-in

You don’t have to fill in your personal data when you order again in our shop.

You gain a function called "Wish-list". With its help you can deposit all pictures, that you want remember or eventually order in the future (see also "use wish-list").

A click on "My account" on the top left side of the screen lets you have a look at all your data and you can adjust them. Furthermore an overview of all your previous orders is displayed, showing the date of order, date of shipping, order number, names of pictures etc.
• Use wish-list
Use wish-list

Pictures, which you like most, which you plan to order in near future or which you want to remember for any other reasons, you can put into the wish-list (but only when you are logged-in!).
The wish-list remains untouched, when you leave the shop, and you can use it again after your next login.

It works like this

Open the detailed view of the wanted picture.

There you click on "add to wishlist" and the picture is saved.

You display the wish-list by clicking on "articles" under the headline "Wish-list" on the left side of the screen.
• Picture rights of use
Picture rights of use

  • For a fee of 20 EUR per picture you obtain the "simple" right of use. This means that you can once (!) use or print this picture in a magazine/newspaper/book/brochure or in an online publication.

  • For a fee of 50 EUR per picture you obtain the "exclusive" right of use. This means that you can use or print this picture in various magazines/newspapers/books/brochures or in online publications as long and as often you want.

  • If you want all rights for a picture for your own, please contact us (the price depends on the subject; normally it is about 150 to 500 EUR). In this case we delete the picture file from our database so you are sure, that noone else can buy the same picture.

  • When publishing one of our pictures we ask you to print the following caption: © naturganznah.de
Resale or embedding in any picture collections, shops etc. is therefore only allowed, if you have first bought the picture with all rights.
• Pixel and dpi, Resolution
Pixel and DPI, picture size and resolution


A pixel is the smallest element of a digital picture. Pixel is the abbreviation of "picture element".
Simply, pixels are rectangular points on the screen, all of which form the whole picture like a mosaic. The real size of a pixel is not always the same; it depends from the monitor and its resolution. The colour of each pixel on the monitor is a mixture of the three basic colours red, green and blue.

A picture resolution of 640 x 480 pixels means therefore, that each row of the whole picture consists of 640 horizontal and each column of 480 vertical picture elements. So all in all the picture consists of 307.200 pixels.

The higher the number of pixels, the better the picture quality

The quality of a picture depends on ist resolution. The higher the number of pixels, the better and sharper will be the print and the presentation on the monitor.

What means DPI ?

DPI means dots per inch and plays an important role in printing. The higher this number, the "nearer together" are the picture elements (pixels) on the paper: the printing so gets sharper and more detailed, but at the same time smaller in dimensions. Therefore if you want to print in high quality and in large dimensions, you need an adequate high number of pixels. Following are some examples.

Examples of calculation

Example 1
Print of a picture with 2048 x 3072 pixels and 300 dpi:
2048 pixels/300 = 6,83 inch; the picture width in printing is therefore 6,83 inch
3072 pixels/300 = 10,24 inch; the picture height in printing is therefore 10,24 inch

Example 2
Print of a picture with 2048 x 3072 pixels and 72 dpi:
2048 pixels/72 = 28,44 inch; the picture width in printing is therefore 28,44 inch
3072 pixels/72 = 42,67 inch; the picture height in printing is therefore 42,67 inch

Tabelle 1: Definition of the picture quality dependent on the resolution
Resolution in dpi Quality
< 100 dpi   very bad  
100 - 150 dpi   moderate  
150 - 200 dpi   average  
200 - 300 dpi   good  
> 300 dpi   optimal  

Chart 2: Connection of picture resolution, picture size and picture quality (jpg-format)
Resolution (pixel) Megapixel Picture size (inch)
6 x 4 (DIN A6) 8 x 6 (DIN A5) 12 x 8 (DIN A4) 16 x 12 (DIN A3)
640 x 480   0,3   moderate   very bad   very bad   very bad  
1024 x 768   0,8   average   moderate   very bad   very bad  
1600 x 1200   1,9   good   average   moderate   moderate  
2048 x 1600   3,2   optimal   good   average   moderate  
2560 x 1920   5,0   optimal   good   good   average  
3008 x 2000   6,0   optimal   optimal   good   average  
3264 x 2448   8,0   optimal   optimal   good   good  
3648 x 2736   10,0   optimal   optimal   optimal   good  
4000 x 3000   12,0   optimal   optimal   optimal   good  
4752 x 3168   15,0   optimal   optimal   optimal   optimal  

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